Fully equipped food and packaging materials testing laboratory

  • Mecemesin ®- OmniTest- Materials tester including Vector Pro MT materials testing software- product texture analysis/ seal strength analysis, film peelability analysis etc
  • Lab Think ®- Digital leak testing for flexible packaging
  • Lab Think ®- Digital Burst testing unit for flexible packaging
  • Konica Minolta CR-400- Chroma meter – L*a*b colorimeter for shelf life and manufacturing colour analysis
  • Anton Paar ®- Viscometer - for viscosity analysis
  • Hanna Instruments ®- Digital and Bluetooth pH Meters-  pH measurement and recording
  • Bundenburg – Headspace vacuum gauge- for canning and jar headspace vacuum measurement
  • Hanna Instruments ®- Digital refractometers- 0 -60° Brix
  • Hanna Instruments ®- Potentiometric Titrator for measurement of titratable acidity – Citric/Acetic
  • Mettler Toledo ®- Moisture balance- water content and moisture analysis
  • Green Scientific ®- Water Activity meter for the measurement of product aW
  • CSC Scientific ®- Consitometer for the measurement of product consistency
  • Thermoline®- Humiditherm  Cabinets- 3 x 460 litre Temperature and Humidity cabinets for accelerated shelf life studies of all food products

           Fan forced conditioned air supply for precise internal conditions

           Temporal stability at set point at ±0.2°C and 1%RH (unloaded             chamber)

           Spatial accuracy measured to be better than ±2°C and ±5%RH            (unloaded chamber)

           Storage Temperature Range +5°C to +80°C

                Temperature Control Stability ±0.2°C

                Temperature Spatial Variation ±2.0°C

                Humidity Range 10% to 90%

Sensory analysis

  • Sample preparation kitchen
  • Sample delivery and testing booth area
  • Sensory sampling booths – industry standard with lighting controls
  • Full sensory analysis capabilities with experienced panelists 
  • Defect analysis, difference and preference testing
  • Hedonic scoring and spider plot sensory reporting for shelf life analysis and product quality analysis

Microbiological analysis

  • All current microbiological analysis is completed by our NATA accredited third party supplier- Eurofins Laboratories- https://www.eurofins.com.au/
  • Full shelf life analysis/ process verification and validation
  • Pathogen and allergen screening
  • Expert review of microbiological analysis, shelf life confirmation, process verification and food safety implications of received results can be provided

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